King of fighters XS Ultimatum

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Game Info - Best and Newest Version of the Classic King of Fighters Series game including Ryu.

This game is an extremely large file (7.09 Megabytes), and will take a long while to load. Please be patient.
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Game controls - Select - J
WASD - Move
U - Light Punch
I - Medium Punch
O - Hard Punch
J - Light Kick
K - Medium Kick
L - Hard Kick

Do you think you're indestructible? Fight against the best warriors of the world. You can play against the PC or against a friend.

King of Fighters XS Ultimatum is the flash remake of classic King of Fighters games which features some of the best street fighters. Select from Ryu, Iori, Kyo, K’, and other fighters and prove everyone who the real champion is. Use up arrow to jump, down arrow to crouch, left arrow to go backward, right arrow to go forward, P key to punch, and K key to kick. Use different combination of keys for combo attacks. You have to beat your opponent in at least two rounds in each three rounds game to win. You have only 60 seconds in each level to beat your opponent.