King of fighters game

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The King of fighters game is a really interesting game.Three main characters are in this game, Iori, Kyo and Ryo from street fighters. Basicaly Street fighters and king of fighters orignal versions are made by the same co. CAPCOM made Street fighters and king of fighters. both games are presented by Capcom. Enjoy the game it's really a intresting fighting game. It's fun to play for all game loverz.

1P controls,
                     W                                   U  I  O
               S    A    D                             J  K L
  1. Select:        W  A  S  D
  2. Confirm:     J
2P controls,
                      ^                                   4  5  6
                 <   \/  >                               1  2  3

  1. Select:        ^  <  \/  >
  2. Confirm:     1
W/^  :   Jump
A/<   :   Move backward
S/\/    :   Sit or down
D/>   :   Move Forward
U/4   :   Punch
I/5    :    Kick
J/1    :   Power Punch
K/2   :   Power Kick
O/6   :   Dodge backward
L/3   :    Dodge Forward