King of fighters K v/s K

Play this game    The King of fighters K v/s K is Presented by XT basicaly This game is a version of king of fighters 2000.The king of fihgters 2000 or K v/s K is just for K' only, you cannot select any character in this game like Iori, Kyo, Diamond and other character is not in this game. That's why I call this game king of fighters K v/s K.

1P controls,
                     W                                   U  I  O
               S    A    D                             J  K L
  1. Select:        W  A  S  D
  2. Confirm:     J
2P controls,
                      ^                                   4  5  6
                 <   \/  >                               1  2  3

  1. Select:        ^  <  \/  >
  2. Confirm:     1
W/^  :   Jump
A/<   :   Move backward
S/\/    :   Sit or down
D/>   :   Move Forward
U/4   :   Punch
I/5    :    Kick
J/1    :   Power Punch
K/2   :   Power Kick
O/6   :   Dodge backward
L/3   :    Dodge Forward