King of fighters

King of fighters,

    you can play this game in english or also in chinese language if you want. You can play a single player or multiplayer. If you want to play with cpu so you have to select, 1P   VS  CPU or if you want to play dual player, so select 1P  VS  2P,  CPU  VS  CPU is also available, and lastly a training mode.

    1P controls,
                         W                                   U  I  O
                   S    A    D                             J  K L

    1. Select:        W  A  S  D
    2. Confirm:     J

      2P controls,
                            ^                                   4  5  6
                       <   \/  >                               1  2  3

      1. Select:        ^  <  \/  >
      2. Confirm:     1

      W/^  :   Jump
      A/<   :   Move backward
      S/\/    :   Sit or down
      D/>   :   Move Forward
      U/4   :   Punch
      I/5    :    Kick
      J/1    :   Power Punch
      K/2   :   Power Kick
      O/6   :   Dodge backward
      L/3   :    Dodge Forward